Church Softball League

We are inviting your church to participate in a Church Coed Softball league this summer that will be held at the Poplar Gap ball fields. The games will be held on a Wednesday night as an alternative for some to service. We will have different pastors that have teams participating to lead us in devotionals each Wednesday night. We will also hold prayer before each game. Games will begin at 6:00, 7:00 & 8:00pm. The last night of the season we will have a big cookout and host an evangelist that is approved by all participating teams with a time of invitation for individuals to respond to the Gospel presentation. Each church during and after the invitation can minister then to individuals or their families who are connected with their church team.
Our desire is two fold. 1. We want to have great unity among churches in Buchanan county and believe this could be a great witness to our community as we are able to fellowship together. 2. We hope to use it as an opportunity to bring the lost into the church. Many people will not come into our churches but will attend a sporting event. We only require that a person playing on your team attend your church one time. This is on the honor system. But we believe many may come to your church if they are asked to play and we believe from that God can bring a harvest.
We have included a rule sheet with this letter. We are asking each team to pay a registration fee of $150.00. that money will go towards the purchasing of softballs and the closing night cookout, inflata-bles and evangelist. Any money left will be donated to Poplar Gap Park or an agreed upon need in our community. We will not profit one dollar from this that is not our goal.
We are setting up a registration online ( at upcoming events) or you can fill out enclosed form and mail it back to us. First come first serve for 12 teams. We look forward to the fellowship and the new lives we will see come into our churches.

Register Now!!